Spinning Disk

Microlambda Spinning Disk (MLSD)


  • Lasers: 405, 491, 515, 561, 642nm
  • Super-Resolution Live SR module(Gataca System) of max resolution of 105nm (NEW!)
  • Multidimensional imaging (XYZT)
  • Automated Piezo Z Stage
  • Hardware Autofocus
  • 1.2k x 1.2k Photometrics Prime 95B sCMOS camera, with Prime enhance Module for image acquisition
  • Fast Live Imaging (max of 82frames/s, 12bit)
  • Metamorph v7.10 software
  • Incubator for environmental Control
  • Other Imaging techniques: FRAP, FRET,Photostimulation and Super resolution

Location: #02-26

Objective lens Magnification/N.A Working Distance(mm) Immersion Medium DIC
Nikon Plan Fluor 10x/1.3 0.3 Dry No
Nikon Plan APO VC 60x/1.4 0.13 oil Yes
Nikon Plan APO VC 100x/1.4 0.13 oil Yes

TLL Staff who would like to receive training on this system, please sign up through Microscopy Training Form.

External users who are interested in this system, please contact Yang Fan