Image of the Month

Video of Vorticella feeding

A short video clip of a Vorticella in a Cyanobacteria colony was taken at 1000x magnification showing the Vorticella feeding and snapping back.

Video was acquired using the Ocular program and then compressed using Handbrake.

Acquired using 3F Zeiss Colour Widefield System

Taken by Melvin Wong (Bioimaging Facility)

Please submit your most stunning images to the Bioimaging group for the TLL Image of the Month

We welcome images/videos captured using any of the microscopies in TLL, including Stereoscope, Widefield, Confocal and SEM. Please include a brief description in your submission – at least with a title of the image and the microscope/lens used.

Featured submissions from users will win NTUC vouchers worth $40.