About us

Welcome to the TLL Bioimaging and Biocomputing website!

TLL Bioimaging facility houses a range of imaging platforms from simple stereoscopes to super resolution light microscopes and electron microscopes. The microscopes support a wide variety of imaging for diverse research area at TLL, providing a platform to perform photomanipulation, super resolution and automated imaging. The Imaging facility also has a wide variety of image analysis tools to analyze and process data in the field of cell biology and neurobiology. The imaging facility supports researchers by providing training for basic and advanced imaging system, along with image analysis.

The TLL Biocomputing provides computing resources to analyze biological sequencing data. With the increasing availability of second and third generation sequencing platforms and with increasing throughput from sequencers, the biological research has been witnessing data explosion. The high performance computing cluster (HPC), supports analysis of next generation sequencing data and other bioinformatics research in TLL. The TLL biocomputing facility also provides local instances of useful servers such as UCSC genome browser and Galaxy. We organize basic training for HPC usage and NGS data analysis.